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The Environmental Impact Award


Meadowhall is one of the key retail destinations in the North of England and draws 24 million visitors a year from its regional catchment. 

Whilst to many it represents a retail mecca, in environmental circles it is similarly revered in that it is one of only a handful of assets in the UK that has a BREEAM outstanding rating for an in-use building, which means it is one of the most environmentally friendly managed assets in the country. This rating has been built on the commitment and drive of Meadowhall’s investors, whose environmental credentials are industry leading but also through the commitment of its stakeholders and key partners such as the Centres retailers who are pivotal in driving this agenda. 

Many of the initiatives are hidden behind the scenes and build incrementally on a 33-year history of reviewing every aspect of environmental efficiency and range from self-generation with its 3,500 solar panels to biodiversity initiatives and onto the commitment and investment in sustainable transport. All these, coupled with an established pathway will see further investment that will continue to drive this crucial agenda and result in a net zero carbon objective being achieved for Meadowhall by 2030. 

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