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Medium to Large Organisation of the Year

SBD Apparel Limited

SBD Group is an industry leading manufacturer and global sportswear brand, producing supports, clothing & accessories for powerlifting, strength sports and fitness currently retailing in 47 countries around the world.

Originally established in 2013, SBD products are designed in house and manufactured within the United Kingdom, the vast majority within South Yorkshire. This enables SBD to control the design, material selection and quality of its products, setting it apart from its competitors around the world. SBD products last for years and can be relied upon when attempting record-breaking feats of strength.

SBD is committed to support the continued, long-term growth of the 4 main strength sports: Strongman, Powerlifting, Weightlifting and CrossFit across the globe. At present, SBD sponsors over 200 athletes worldwide and holds the main title sponsor for the World Strongest Man competition and is the lead sponsor for the International Powerlifting Federation and European Powerlifting Federation. SBD is proud to produce the international and national team kits for many competing nations.

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