The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University are delighted to be sponsoring the Sheffield Universities Entrepreneurship Award at the Sheffield Business Awards 2019.

We are proud of our long and well established history of supporting entrepreneurialism and innovation at our respective universities. We offer a broad and varied package of early business start-up support to our students and graduates, designed to ensure that they receive the right advice and support they need to make their businesses a success. Typically this includes customer market research, concept validation and early start-up finance in the form of grants and scholarships.  

Over the years we have seen many of our start-ups go on to become successful and established businesses within the Sheffield City Region, contributing to the local and regional economy whilst providing employment for the local community.

Both universities have strong links with local and regional partners and we are committed to maintaining and developing our contribution to the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem in the years that follow.

Our aim in sponsoring the Sheffield Universities Entrepreneurship Award is to highlight our work and to showcase some of our new and promising start-ups to the wider business community.  It is also provides an opportunity for a selected number of our talented entrepreneurs to network with the wider business community and gain exposure for their promising business ideas.